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Let the hammond play. Rent the organ, play at the museum!

Let the hammond play. Rent the organ, play at the museum!

Considering the great interest in both sound and design of the Hammond organ, we have a special offer for musicians: A ticket allowing you to play the instruments on our exhibition. Thus, we are reaching out to musicians who experiment and seek something new; who are eager to try something unusual; who dream of having their own Hammond organ, but for different reasons do not have it... yet.

Today, the Hammond is an instrument reserved for sublime organ music lovers. The models on our exhibition have an additional advantage – they are old and each has its own story to tell; some of the exhibits were finally revived after years of silence and are now thriving. By the way – playing the organ is not just for professionals. The offer is also dedicated to those who cannot play the organ, yet are eager to play around and appreciate the warm, vibrant tone.

Come visit us!

A premium ticket allowing to play the organ costs 20 PLN. Then you can play as much as you want!

To reserve your visit, please call +48 41 367 62 95.

The Hammond Museum

The exhibition is open from Tuesday till Sunday between 12 PM and 7 PM.

The Hammond Museum is a permanent exhibition at Dom Środowisk Twórczych (Artistic Community Centre), Kielce.

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