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The Hammond Museum was created in 2017 on the initiative of Paweł Wawrzeńczyk – private collector – and Kielce authorities. Administratively, it is currently operating as part of Dom Środowisk Twórczych Tomasza Zielińskiego, Kielce (Tomasz Zieliński Artistic Community Centre).

On May 15th 2021, the Hammond Museum was re-opened in its new location at Zamkowa 5 Street, Kielce. Organ music was gently playing in the background, as guests were waiting for the official ceremony to start. Around 4 PM, Ryszard Pomorski (director at Dom Środowisk Twórczych) and Bogdan Wenta (the Mayor of Kielce) took the stage and officially opened the Hammond Museum. The guests were taken for a tour around the permanent instrument exhibition. During the tour, the visitors experienced a musical performance on the “Playing Stairway” and took part in opening of the Andrzej Zieliński Hall (commemorating the famous composer and founder of the music group Skaldowie). At 5 PM there was a presentation of the Hammond organs by Józef Skrzek and Andrzej Zieliński (accompanied by his family: Jacek, Bogdan and Wojtek Zieliński, with guest appearance by Wołosatki) on the Summer Stage in the DŚT yard. The audience could not get enough of applouse, encores, autographs and photos. Naturally, present at the ceremony was also Paweł Wawrzeńczyk, who has shared a part of his broad organ collection with us.

Entrance to Hammond Museum Kielce

The Hammond Museum

The exhibition is open from Tuesday till Sunday between 12 PM and 7 PM.

The Hammond Museum is a permanent exhibition at Dom Środowisk Twórczych (Artistic Community Centre), Kielce.

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